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on a mission to uplift spirits and foster connections, where everyone is welcome and encouraged through the transformative power of dance.

medora dance club is a dance fitness company that offers exhilarating dance fitness choreography, instruction, dance fitness classes and events provided in-person and online subscriptions. all inspiration and direction created by professional dancer and choreographer medora cesarano.

Medora Cesarano, Dance Fitness and Choreography, seattle


the force behind the buzz.

the medora dance club format originated in the pacific northwest, spanned across the us, then the globe.

medora cesarano, is a creator, choreographer, and professional dance fitness instructor. she’s amassed 30 years of coaching, teaching, and mentoring.

medora brings her infectious style and approach into her choreography, highlighted by her impressive history with the WNBA's PORTLAND FIRE HIP HOP SQUAD and membership in the NBA's PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS BLAZER DANCERS.

Medora Ceserano at NBA Portland Trail Blazers BlazerDancers dance team 1993-1995
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